Monday, June 8, 2009

Announcing an Agreement with TweetPhoto!

PockeTwit v.75 is very near done and I'd like to take a moment to announce an agreement with TweetPhoto before the release. It's not the only new feature in PockeTwit, it's probably not even the most important new feature. But it is very exciting to me (for obvious reasons).

When I started development of PockeTwit, I did it with absolutely no financial incentive in mind. I had a good job that paid what I needed. I was just glad to share my work and allow others to enjoy it.

But times and situations have changed and I can no longer afford to be so single-minded in my motives.
Thankfully, TweetPhoto has come up with a simple plan to support PockeTwit development that requires almost no effort from you. If you use PockeTwit to post images to TweetPhoto, any advertising revenue for the page hosting the photo will go to PockeTwit. It's that simple.

Of course you can still choose one of the many other media services supported by PockeTwit. And I won't bug you about that too much, I promise! But if you want a hassle-free way to show your support, this is it.

I plan to release a version of PockeTwit which supports TweetPhoto (and has a lot more!) very soon. Be on the lookout, then take lots of pictures!!


Chief78CJ7 said...

I do pics by emailing to twitpic but they've had issues of being down, being late, ugh... if TweetPhoto works, I'm there. I guess I need an email address to hit them like twitpic? @jeepnaked

Jake Stevenson said...

I don't see any need for an email address. It ties to your twitter account.

Jake Stevenson said...

Also, this will only apply to pictures uploaded FROM PockeTwit. Pictures you add through other methods will not generate ad revenue for us.

GregSJ said...

I uploaded a pic from PockeTwit and I'm not seeing any ads on tweetphoto to generate any income ...

Jake Stevenson said...

TweetPhoto is still preparing the code to add the advertisements to their site. They expect to have it online next week.

Thanks for looking out for me though!